20 Top Ranking Ugandan Websites, June 2018

Daily Monitor Most Visited Website in Uganda

The 20 top ranking Ugandan websites according to Alexa

Updated 30th June 2018

Alexa Rank Checker is one of the most accurate and free utilities you can use to find out how your web site ranks in comparison to millions of other web sites on the web. It is possible to determine how your website ranks globally or in a specific country by using the free Alexa rank checking utility. The set of rules which Alexa uses to calculate visitors ranking is straightforward. It uses website visitor statistics and search engine position to determine how a website ranks against competitors. It can therefore allow internet website owners and webmasters in Uganda to have an idea of the modern-day position of a their business or personal websites.

Summary of 20 Top Ranking Websites in Uganda

  1. Daily Monitor (monitor.co.ug)
  2. The New Vision (newvision.co.ug)
  3. Betin Uganda (betin.co.ug)
  4. Jumia Uganda (jumia.ug)
  5. URA (ura.go.ug)
  6. theugandajobline.com
  7. Howwe.biz
  8. BetPawa (betpawa.ug)
  9. Makerere University Website (mak.ac.ug)
  10. OLX Uganda (olx.co.ug)
  11. Betway Uganda (betway.ug)
  12. Brighter Monday (brightermonday.co.ug)
  13. More to be published…..

Various dynamics contribute to changing positions of websites daily, weekly, monthly and annually. This list containing the 20 top ranking Ugandan websites is for rankings as at 30th – June – 2018. Monthly rankings of the top 10, top 20 and even top 100 websites in Uganda will be published in subsequent months starting from July 2018.

  1. Daily Monitor (monitor.co.ug) Daily Monitor Newspaper website – Truth Everyday, Daily News, Features, Weather, Exchange Rates and Magazines is the top ranked website Ugandan website by Alexa. The monitor website has consistently ranked as the most visited website by web traffic both within and outside Uganda for more than a decade. It has nearly 2,700 high quality websites linking back to it and gets 25% (a quarter) of its daily visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  2. The New Vision (newvision.co.ug) – Government owned newspaper offering independent daily news comes a close second to Daily Monitor, with more than 2300 high quality websites linking back to it. The New Vision website underwent a redesign in 2017 that enabled it achieve faster loading speeds compared to the previous years. The website has always given the Daily Monitor (1st above) close competition in traffic rankings over the years.
  3. Betin Uganda (betin.co.ug) – MENA Sports Consulting Uganda Ltd trading as Betin Uganda operates under license by the Logispin Group, which is one of Europe’s largest and most successful betting and gaming brands operating across Europe and Africa.
  4. Jumia Uganda (jumia.ug) – Jumia, No. 1 online retailer in Africa was established in May 2012 with the aim and vision to become the one-stop shop for retail in Africa with implementation of best practices both online and offline. Jumia is the largest online retail store in Uganda.
  5. URA (ura.go.ug) – Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)’s mandate is to assess,collect and account for Central Government Tax Revenue (includes Non-Tax Revenues) and to provide advise to government on matters of policy relating to all revenue sources. The fact that the URA website is one of the most visited in Uganda, and ranks among the top five most visited Ugandan websites is not surprising, given the massive efforts made by the tax body to computerize every service from recruitment to tax filing that it offers using its online portal.
  6. theugandajobline.com – Thousands of Uganda’s graduates seeking jobs every year likely flock to this jobs website to apply for employment opportunities, giving the website an enviable traffic rank in Uganda and making it a top destination for online job postings in Uganda.
  7. Howwe.biz – In just under four years, the entertainment website howwe.biz has established itself as the leading and most visited entertainment and showbiz website in Uganda. From entertainment and showbiz news to free Ugandan music on its website, the website has positioned itself firmly in a dominant position when it comes to the top 10 websites in the country.
  8. BetPawa (betpawa.ug) – Initially launched as a sports betting website in Kenya, BetPawa has infiltrated the top ranks in Uganda’s internet landscape. According to the company’s Ugandan website betpawa.ug, betPawa is licensed by the National Gaming Board of Uganda and holds a 500 million-shilling security bond. betPawa’s goal is to become the best and largest online sports betting business in Uganda. Clients depositing or withdrawing funds are able to conduct mobile money transactions with betPawa via Airtel or MTN or banking services. Bets can be placed using any internet-connected device.
  9. Makerere University Website (mak.ac.ug) – Makerere University has consistently been ranked as the leading university in the Eastern African region, attracting both local and international scholars to its colleges and schools. The Makerere University website ranks at an impressive 9th Position among the top 20 websites in Uganda.
  10. OLX Uganda (olx.co.ug) – OLX is arguably Uganda’s leading free classifieds listings website. Launched in 2014, OLX started offering free classified ads listings targeting all regions in Uganda and grew to a dominat position in Uganda’s traffic rankings due to massive advertising in online, broadcast and print platforms. Sometime in late 2015, the website listings were shut down in favour of app listings using the OLX app for android phone operating system. The website service was restored in 2017 but users had to signup up strictly using their mobile phone numbers.
  11. Betway Uganda (betway.ug) – Betway is Africa’s premier online and mobile soccer betting platform. Founded in 2006, they are renowned for a user-friendly interface, easy registration process, excellent customer support and a variety of simple bet types. Betway’s Sports book offers competitive odds and exciting promotions throughout the sporting calendar. Customers can bet anywhere, anytime using their phone, tablet, PC or via SMS.
  12. Brighter Monday (brightermonday.co.ug) – BrighterMonday.com lays the claim to being East Africa’s #1 job website. Founded in Kenya in 2006 and operating in all East African markets, BrighterMonday is committed to the goal of maximizing the opportunities for East Africa’s job seekers and employers. BrighterMonday is privately owned and forms part of the investment portfolio of One Africa Media
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The idea was to list the top 20 best ranking websites in Uganda, according to Alexa. However the list was limited to the top 50 websites for Uganda, and only 12 local websites (Ugandan websites) were featured in the list. It is our sincere hope that the next list (July 2018) will contain more local (Ugandan websites).