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Top 10 Most Visited Ugandan Websites: JUMIA beats Daily Monitor to Number One in the latest rankings. GHAFLA in Second Place.

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December, 10 2018 | Free Web Hosting Uganda |  Ugandan online store Jumia has overtaken Daily Monitor’s dominant position as the most visited website in the country in latest rankings by Alexa. The rankings that are derived from visitor traffic statistics collected and analyzed for the past three months show a significant rise in the

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Domains @ UGX 25,000 from Uganda’s Cheapest Domain Registry

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Get the World’s most popular domain – .com from Uganda’s cheapest domain name registry. Hundreds of domain names have already been purchased. Get yours today from freewebhostinguganda.com. With this domain offer your get Big savings over other registrars in Uganda, Award-winning 24/7 support to help build your online business. For a limited-time, get any of these domains for an

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Top 15 Most Visited Websites in Uganda, Ranked By Alexa Internet, November 2018 Updated List

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About the Ranking Platform Alexa (alexa.com) Owned by Amazon Inc, Alexa is a global pioneer in the world of analytical insight founded in 1996. Alexa’s traffic estimates are based on data from a global traffic panel, which is a sample of millions of Internet users using one of many different browser extensions. global traffic rank is a


Online Privacy: Protect Your Personal Data with Anonymous Web Hosting

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Privacy and anonymity are in ever more short supply in our new digital age, and more and more people are taking steps to try to find a way back underneath their shadow, even when online. There is no shortage of reasons why someone would be interested in a hosting service that doesn’t bear their name.

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Does Your Site Really Need Unlimited Space?

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If you’re on the hunt for free web hosting, chances are you’ll have to sift through a ton of information before you can even begin to figure out which provider to choose – let alone whether or not you actually need unlimited space. Most free hosting providers these days come with a staggering array of options

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Top Free Web Hosting Companies in Uganda

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Although they say that nothing in life is free, these web hosting companies in Uganda actually do have hosting web packages that they offer at no charge to qualifying customers. Sure, the complimentary free web hosting service may be just for the first year or month, but that will still save you a chunk of

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How to Choose a Domain Name

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You may be wondering: why is a domain name so important? And, how can I choose a domain name and domain registrar? You may be wondering: why is a domain name so important? Domain names are your and your website’s calling card on the World Wide Web. A domain name will not only set the

Make a Website for Free Online – Why Anyone Can do it!

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You’re looking to build your very own website, but you are technologically impaired? Here’s how, and why, anyone can make a website for free online… You’re looking to build your very own website, but you are, shall we put it, somewhat technologically impaired? Here’s how, and why, anyone can make a website for free online

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Web Hosting Checklist – Top 5 Hosting Must-Haves for Uganda’s Webmasters

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We all know that good web hosting can mean all the difference when it comes to your website’s success, but what exactly constitutes ‘good web hosting’ and what are the top 5 web hosting essentials you should be looking out for? We Previously published a similar article on web hosting do’s and don’t – this

Debunking Common Web Hosting Myths – freewebhostinguganda.com

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Before you embark on your very own web hosting adventure, let us dispel some of the more common hosting myths. 1. The best web hosts offer unlimited resources The first and most commonly told urban legend when it comes to shared hosting is that the best web hosts will offer their customers unlimited disk space