Five Incredibly Useful Ugandan Websites That Could Change Your Life in 2019

Are you ready to make 2019 your best year ever? These useful Ugandan websites will help you reach your goals.

A new year, a new start! Making New Years resolutions is easy–the hard part is sticking with them. We’ve put together a list of our picks for the most useful Ugandan websites that will get you one step closer to your goals and help you fulfill your resolutions. Whether you want to learn a new skill, start eating better, or simplify your life, one of these useful websites is sure to help you make 2019 your best year yet – in no particular order;

Jumia Uganda

Jumia is the largest, longest surviving and one of a kind online marketplace in Uganda . The online marketplace provides the best online shopping experience to people across Uganda. On this platform, shopping is extremely easy and effortless. You can experience comfort at its peak with various flexible payment methods and swift delivery to your preferred location. And it is DATA FREE to access on the MTN Internet Network, something which has made it the number one most visited Ugandan website for December 2018.


Dignited is one of the top Tech African websites based in Kampala Uganda. It covers technology news, events, analysis and reviews of Innovations in and outside Uganda with major emphasis on showcasing local Tech and innovations and how they impact Uganda and the world at large. Chances are any tech consumer information you look for on search engines will bring out Dignited on the frontpage.
You can also GET THE RIGHT PRICES on Dignited for any consumer products in Uganda – infact in a far better comparative manner than the service providers in the country themselves provide, using the website’s PRICEGATOR.
Pricegator lets you save you time and money and helps you get the best value of your money. Compare mobile data bundles, Pay TV packages, Cooking gas, ride sharing and more on a single platform.

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Send Air Time is an easy to use service from which you can send ‘Instant Airtime in No time’ to your relatives and friends in Uganda. No need to login just click SEND NOW to get started. Payments for the Airtime are made using PayPal or Debit cards. Send Air Time is an extremely useful service for publishers who earn money online and wish to purchase airtime credit using the funds they earn online instead of hard local Ugandan cash.

Uganda Revenue Authority

There are more than one hundred government websites registered with the extension started in a move to ensure delivery of automated services for ministries, departments and agencies. However, according to data from the ICT ministry released in December 2018, the URA portal is the only government website that is optimally utilized, with others operating below capacity. The URA website houses applications for tax identification numbers, tax registration, motor vehicle search, stamp duty, tax tools and a host of other e-services which attract more than 25,000 unique web visits every month.
Indeed there are a number of self employed ‘tax consultants’ who help less savvy internet users to work on their tax issues with Uganda Revenue Authority, and earn from the profession.


For lovers of Ugandan music worldwide, no website matches the impressive catalogue of Howwe.Biz. Unlike other music portals that are generic, this free music website specializes strictly in Ugandan music, from contemporary to classic, all arranged in and presented using a very appealing and aesthehic design that provides a great navigational experience to its users. Based on the website’s popularity locally and abroad, a music artist would be wise to use the platform to promote their music.

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Bonus : Yaaka Digital Learning Network and

The Yaaka Digital Learning Network is an interactive educational network where students and teachers share knowledge. Skilled teachers can earn a passive income while offering tutoring services while students get access to a multimedia learning experience at all levels – from primary to tertiary education.
With, students get access to Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) past papers and answers for free download – great for self directed revision, quizzes and career guidance that would otherwise have cost them more money if they had bought the materials from the traditional book shops.

What have we missed? Tell us about your favorite useful websites (only local Ugandan websites) that help you get the most of out life.