The Benefits of Cloud Web Hosting

benefits of cloud web hosting

Cloud Hosting, or Shared Hosting,  has become increasingly popular for its convenience, as well as high functionality and practicality, especially in developing countries like Uganda.

What are some of the benefits of cloud hosting, as opposed to in-house hosting? • Scalability – Cloud hosting offers a high level of scalability and flexibility and can manage peak loads to the server by borrowing unused resources from other servers in the cloud.

Solid backup – Since your data is stored on a cloud composed of a number of servers, each responsible for a specific set of tasks, the fall of one server does not mean the loss of data since the other servers in the cloud will act in a backup capacity in the event of a server crash..

Ease of Use – Cloud hosting services offer users easy to use control panels and dashboards from which they can manage their domains with ease, as well as edit databases and initiate remote file transfers.

Affordability – When using cloud hosting, users only pay for the resources they use and are not asked to pay for in-house servers whose functionality and resources may not be used to the full extent.

This, however, is not to say that cloud hosting does not have its share of drawbacks. Since cloud hosting is a shared resource, users may find that they experience a decrease in their website’s performance if other users on the same cloud require and utilize more of its resources. This is not much of a problem when a website is designed for personal use. However, users who are looking for a high-performance website, as in the case of commercial websites for example, then VPS or Dedicated Hosting is a more recommended solution.

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