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Depressed MUBS graduate commits suicide

Arthur Basalirwa committed suicide

By Joan Murungi
Makerere University Business School (MUBS) alumnus, Arthur Basalirwa has taken his life over what his friends attribute to depression. Before committing suicide, Basalirwa had shown signs of suicidal thoughts.

He posted a YouTube Video of a song about suicide dubbed “I’m Sorry” by Joyner Lucas. Hours to his passing, Basalirwa posted, on his WhatsApp status, a note saying that “I am sorry but it’s too late, I’m sorry, too much weighing on me I don’t wanna live to see another day.”
Now, it has emerged that before he took his life, Basalirwa posted a screen shot on his timeline to someone posted on his referred to as “D”. This was his purported girlfriend.
He wrote: “Hi D. You will always ask yourself if you had sent me a more meaningful text. These are your last words to me. Goodbye D.” The deceased captioned the screenshot that had “D” swearing at Basalirwa and telling him to delete her number. “F*ck you…Just F*cking block me and never text me. Delete our chats and my number. Bye.” read the text messages.

It was after this chat that Basalirwa took his own life. Friends to the deceased say that Basalirwa was in a relationship with a one Diana whom he’d met her parents (kukyalad) in December.The break up, according to friends, led to Basalirwa’s slipping into depression because he loved his girlfriend so much. Friends eulogized him calling his death sudden and a big loss.
Basalirwa’s death comes close on the heels of another UK celebrity Mike Thalasittis. The former Love Island contestant Mike Thalassitis. The 26-year-old reality television star and semi-professional footballer had found fame on the 2017 series of the ITV competitive dating show Love Island was found hanging last weekend over what friends describe as depression.


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