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I had to be in the moment – Rema


By Ahmad Muto

Singer Rema Namakula has opened up on her latest video with DJ duo Slick Stuart and Roja titled “More of this” that has yielded controversy than views yet. This was while appearing on the local television station to premiere the video that has been questioned on social media over a swimming pool scene where he apparently got too cosy with DJ Slick Stuart. She says as an artiste, part of the deal is she has to be good at acting.

“I had to act. I wanted to be in the moment. There was no way I could pull it off without being a good actress,” she explained.

About why it is Slick Stuart and not Roja who normally takes on such roles, she replied that it was Slick Stuart with her in the pool because it is what the script said and also quipped that it was not Roja because he cannot swim.

On the video getting mileage on Youtube, she says she would rather have genuine likes and comments on her videos than fake ones because it is only when the comments are genuine that you will know how to move forward.

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