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Kampala taps could run dry, residents urged to store water    

Kampala taps could run dry, residents urged to store water    



KAMPALA – Taps could run dry after National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) failed to pump water from the main Gaba Water works due to a power shortage.


In a public notice on social media, NWSC on Sunday morning implored customers in the city and its suburbs to use the water they have sparingly, as the booster stations are turned off in a preventive move and efforts to return to normalcy are executed.  


“Dear customers, as a result of the power outage we are experiencing at Ggaba water works, the water in the network has reduced. We are downscaling pumpage / switching off all online booster stations in Kampala as a precautionary measure. We regret the inconvenience. We use over 10megawatts of power per day. We are working on an alternative plant in Katosi that will augment supply during such occurrences.” NWSC tweeted.


“Dear customers, please be advised that it takes time for the pipe network to stabilise with water after a total plant shutdown. Kindly store the available water in the network as we work with the team from @UmemeLtd to address this issue.” Another tweet from NWSC stated.


However, Umeme’s twitter handle, has a post indicating that Gaba area was yesterday on the routine load shedding schedule.


“Dear Tweeps, power is off on planned shutdown today in the areas of Gabba Tc, Bunga, Kalungu, Kawuku, Soya to carry out maintenance works. Supply will be restored in the evening around 5pm. We regret the inconveniences caused,” reads in part.


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