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Kilembe youngsters get golf donation from Entebbe and Kampala golfers

Kilembe youngsters get golf donation from Entebbe and Kampala golfers

Golf is regarded as a rich man’s sport but of late, many juniors have taken on the sport countrywide by attending holiday clinics.
The Uganda Ladies Golf Union that spearheads the running of these clinics, this year stepped up gear by encouraging more youth to join the sport.
The Uganda Golf Union, in turn, launched the Uganda Junior Golf Academy last year distributing junior golf kit to various up country clubs including the headquarters of the academy at Mehta Golf Club, Lugazi.
But it wasn’t enough, and that didn’t stop enthusiastic children from other upcountry clubs like Kasese from continuing with the swing and putt game out from their scarce resources.
When pictures and videos of children dressed in rugs and playing golf from Kilembe Golf Club appeared on social media it drew sympathy from golfers who have responded by contributing to their plight.
Entebbe and Uganda Golf Club members have responded by donating clothes, shoes, and balls to the Kasese kids as a way of encouraging them to engage more in the sport.
The Uganda Golf Union has a policy of golf and education where juniors are encouraged to stay in school while they develop the game of golf for a chance to land scholarships.
ULGU president Eva Magala presented an assortment of golf items to Habib Kisande one of the golfers running the kids clinic in Kasese at Entebbe Club on Saturday.
Oscar Semawere the Uganda Junior Academy director said talent should be developed at all levels of society.


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