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Man kills 60-year-old lover

Man kills 60-year-old lover


Police in Rukungiri has kick-started investigations into the brutal murder of a 60-year-old woman.

The area Police Spokesperson Elly Maate, has identified the deceased as Dafuroza Nuwamanya, a resident of Nyakahanga Cell “B” in Masha Parish, Nyakajeme sub-county, Rukungiri district.

Maate says Coroneriyo Ndyareba, went to his lover’s place where she has been operating a small retail shop, and started cutting her into pieces.

Police adds that one of the customers present, tried to intervene so that Ndyareeba cools his temper but instead, he descended onto him and started cutting him as well using a panga.

This compelled the area residents to gang-up against Ndyareba.

On realisng the situation was becoming worse for him; he ran to the  home of his former employer and locked himself inside.

This however did not deter the irate residents from surrounding the house, as they shouted on top of their voices saying, “You will get out whether you like it or not. We are ready to treat you the same way you treated your wife’s life.”

Minutes later, Police arrived at the scene and restored peace although when they entered to rescue the culprit from the house where he had locked himself, they discovered that  he had attempted to commit suicide by cutting his own neck.

It is alleged that the two lover-birds separated sometime back after developing some misunderstandings.

Police say both Ndyareeba and the customer, who sustained injuries when he tried to stop the couple from fighting, have been rushed to Nyakibale Hospital in very critical condition.

“The post-mortem was done so, we are still making further inquiries and investigations into the matter under case file CRB 125/2019,” said Police.


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