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Mike Mukula Booed by ‘People Power’ Students

Tororo: The Vice Chairperson of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Eastern Region, Capt. Mike Mukula, was on Saturday booed by Busitema University students as he sold the  ruling party’s ideology.

Some of the students could be heard chanting ‘People Power Our Power’ as Capt Mukula cautioned the young people against engaging in actions that threaten the country’s peace and stability.

Trouble started when Capt Mukula, while addressing the Inter Institutional Association of University Catholic Community, said the concept of testing of leaders in Uganda has cost lives and no Ugandan should risk a return to the past.

He said whereas the choice of governance lies in the hands of the young people, this does not mean    gambling with the future of the country.

The former State Minister of Health said Uganda is not a laboratory where a leader is put into leadership to test his or her ability to lead.

However, this did not go down with some students, who apparently felt Capt Mukula was referring to attempts by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to contest against President Museveni.

He said so long as the country was on a correct path, they would not allow it to degenerate to chaos and instability.

Capt. Mukula’s caution followed booing that he received from the students as he was trying to give the country’s background right from the time it got independence.

He encouraged young people to be patient because if they hurried they would be prone to rudimentary decisions that will lead the country into bloodshed like it has happened in the neighboring countries where people thought democracy is what creates development only for citizens to end up in refugee camps.

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He lauded the Catholic Church for the direction it is taking to unite academics especially at the University level and urged the clergy to use it as a platform to see how the youth can be prepared and nurtured for leadership positions in future.

However, Busitema University Guild President Patrick Omare appealed to government to consider increasing the upkeep for government-sponsored students at Universities to match the current cost of life.

According to the national chairperson of the Inter Institutional Association of University Catholic Community, Rev. Benedict Birungi, the event intended to strengthen catholic faith at all levels of education institutions.


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