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Now we have the same opportunities as male artistes – Sheebah

Sheebah says female and male artistes have the same opportunities

By Ahmad Muto

Singer Sheebah Karungi has opened on the issue of gender in the music industry stating that at this point in time, the female singers roll head to head with their male counterparts when it comes to opportunities. That said, she notes that other aspects of the industry have not changed, pointing a figure at the fact that there are titles that cannot be given to female artistes just because of their gender.

She explains that in some people’s heads, she is a woman and so does not deserve the respect however much she has worked hard.

The “Weekend” singer says she has worked hard since she was 15 years old, met a lot of disrespectful people in the industry but chose to ignore and focus on her career instead of petty acts and that got her to where she is today. She adds that some of those people won’t respect her though they do but just won’t show because it will be as if they are lowering their guards.

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