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Opposition MPs Bash Police Over Preferential Treatment

A section of MPs have raised concerns on the floor of the house as to why their colleagues are being restrained from lawfully exercising their freedoms.

Hon. Roland Kaginda the Rukungiri municipality MP asked whether it was procedurally right to treat politicians differently basing on their affiliations.

Kaginda said it is not democratically correct for Police to allow members of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) to mobilize scot free while opposition is being suppressed.

“These events of harassment and torturing our supporters have affected the operations of registered parties. Hon. Kyagulanyi has had running battles over practicing his profession and trade guaranteed by the constitution. Can government explain as to why harassing opposition political parties and denying them the opportunity to operate yet NRM are busy campaigning for sole candidature?” he asks.

Betty Nambooze the Mukono municipality legislator intimated that it has become common practice by Police to round up youth wearing People Power paraphernalia. She says over 50 youth are currently rotting at Kauga central prison in Mukono for on idling yet in fact they were apprehended for donning Hon. Kyagulanyi’s red camouflage.

“I want government to tell us whether it is an offence these days for anybody to be dressed in Red so that we tell our people and they do not get arrested”, Nambooze claims.

In response, Gen. Moses Ali the first deputy Prime Minister Gen. Moses Ali said the cause of recurrent skirmishes between the police and politicians is to do with lack of adherence to police guidelines. This explanation did not go well with some members who challenged his submission. In relation to yesterday’s clashes between Kyagulanyi’s supporters and police, Hon. Francis Zaake the Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament bashed Police for further blocking the legislator from accessing his premises. Zaake says this was uncalled for.

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In response, Hon. Ruth Nankabiirwa the government chief whip called for close coordination between parties to avoid similar confrontations. Nankabiirwa says government needs to investigate the cause of these skirmishes and if possible address them. According to her, the opposition parties should be allowed to operate freely as long as they do not use platforms to berate and insult others.

“There must be a problem in some districts where people are either overzealous, something that government has to interrogate and find out why? There could be people who might want to who want to create scenes, news unnecessarily”, she implores.

These concerns come on the back drop of yesterday’s confrontation between Hon. Kyagulanyi and a Police in Busabala.


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