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Pilot of new Uganda Bombardier jet: I am proud of my country today

Captain Clive Okoth, the man who was in charge of one of the new 5X-KOB CRJ 900 Bombardier jets from Canada to Uganda has expressed satisfaction with the direction the country has taken by reinvesting in the airline.

Shortly after landing one of the two aircrafts at Entebbe Airport at 9:00am today, Captain Okoth remarked; “I am very proud of my country today”.

Captain Okoth thanked President Museveni for pushing the airlines project forward.

Speaking about his experience flying the first Ugandan plane to home soil, Okoth said; “It is very exciting and beautiful experience’.

He said they had a couple of challenges since they were flying a new aircraft with the latest technology.

“This is one of the latest aircraft with modern technology. Every pilot would want to fly the latest technology.”

“I would say as Ugandans that we embrace this project with open arms. Let us fly our aircraft,” he said.

The ferrying crew was made of purely Ugandans, Captains; Clive Okoth, Capt. Stephen Ariong, Capt Michael Etiang and Capt. Patrick Mutayanjulwa.

Speaking while receiving the aircraft, Museveni said the country will not borrow to pay for them.

“We paid cash for the two and we shall do the same for those that are being manufactured. It is my honour to launch Uganda Airlines.”

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