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Plan For The Future Instead Of Looking For Social Media Likes- Natalie Bitature to Youth

The youth in Uganda have been advised to focus on long term plans and benefits instead of focusing on things that don’t last or bring them tangible benefits.

Natalie Bitature, a young and successful proprietor said that the young people nowadays are more concerned with immediate gratification and do not plan for the future which is worrying.

“Young people/ millennial are concerned with social media likes, so they invest in phones, posh cars and clothes so that they can look nice in front of their peers instead of investing money in a long term business that will bring returns in future,” she said.

She was speaking at a two day Millennial Summit that started Thursday at Hotel Africana.

The summit brings together young people to discussion how to leverage the new generation Millennial as a driver for social economic transformation.

Natalie Bitature, a young and successful proprietor talking to the youth

Natalie urged the young people to use technology to better their lives instead of wasting their time on looking for social media likes.

“Technology has given us the opportunity and resources to grow, which wasn’t the case for our parents, we have to use it to move forward dividends and not make it a disaster,” she said.

She further asked the young people to take advantage of the elders around then as they are the banks of knowledge.

“Do not brush off the old people around you as old fashioned, the knowledge they gave to share can make a big different in your life, have someone older in the field you are interested in and look up to them, they will inspire you to become better,” she said.

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Francis Kamulegeya, s senior partner at PWC urged employers to understand the young employees and invest in them if they want to improve productivity.

“The previous generation must invest in understanding the millennial if they want to bring out the best in them. These two generations are not so different, we all still have the same desires and that how to do better in life,” he said.


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