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Quarrel over woman leads to two deaths

Quarrel over woman leads to two deaths

Two people have been confirmed dead after last night’s fight between two men who were allegedly fighting over a woman.

They picked a quarrels while at a local bar. They got pangas and started hacking each other. The two are residents of Kyabakeenda, in Kikuube district.

The Albertine region police spokesperson, Allan Julius Hakiza confirms the death, but could only identify one as Isaiah Alaya.

Three suspects have been arrested, including Gilbert Ayebare and Moses Irumba.

Hakiza says Alaya died on the spot, and on realizing that he was dead, his family carried pangas and attacked the family of the suspected killer.

The family also torched houses to ashes.

The Police intervened and contained the situation. They have preferred charges of murder of the members of the family that attacked the suspect CRB/139/2019.


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