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There is no Ebola outbreak in Jinja, government assures

The government through the ministry of health has dispelled reports of a possible Ebola outbreak in Jinja district.

Over the weekend, Jinja district chairman Titus Kisambira shocked people when he said that the district had registered Ebola.

“The outbreak of Ebola in Jinja is real. We are doing everything possible within our means to contain the situation,” Kisambira said.

On further inquiry, Kisambira added that they have even reported a case of death and the situation is grave.

“Yes. The dead person tested positive, and two of the family members are already showing signs of the same. A team from Kampala is already on it’s way here.”

However, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the senior Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Ministry of Health maintains that Kisambira’s claim is baseless.

“There are various rumours making rounds on social media alleging that there is Ebola in Jinja, Kasese and Wakiso. The Ministry of Health would like to inform the general public that Uganda has not registered any confirmed case of Ebola Virus Disease. Disregard all the rumours,” Ainebyoona said in a statement to the media on Monday.

According to Ainebyoona, the person Kisambira claims to have died on Ebola was confirmed to have died of Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever, but the “chairman mistook it [for Ebola] and started circulating rumours.”

Meanwhile the ministry is undertaking a national stimulation exercise for Ebola Virus Disease prevention and control around the country

According to the ministry, the exercise is to test the country’s readiness, to prevent, detect and respond to Ebola virus threats.

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