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Ykee Benda disses Apass for calling his music bubble gum

By Ahmad Muto

After Spice Diana embarrassed media personality Eddie Sendi for stating that his Freedom City gig was going to flop, Apass might be the next to eat his words. The dancehall singer has said Ykee Benda who has organised the Singa concert set for Serena Hotel is going to flop because he does bubble gum music.

Ykee Benda has replied saying Apass who has been around for over 5 years is yet to throw a concert, and his song “Didada” from months ago has since faded because it is the bubble gum he is saying.

He adds that people like Apass want him not to dare such venues because they want to always be behind him but he knows he has fans and now they are ashamed.

He also explains that he chose Serena because his audience cuts across and they would not want to go to Freedom City and be shoved around.

Ykee asked Apass they go check their views on Youtube to see his views and compare with the person he calls a child who started two years ago

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