Web Hosting Checklist – Top 5 Hosting Must-Haves for Uganda’s Webmasters

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We all know that good web hosting can mean all the difference when it comes to your website’s success, but what exactly constitutes ‘good web hosting’ and what are the top 5 web hosting essentials you should be looking out for?

We Previously published a similar article on web hosting do’s and don’t – this is is a supplement;

Transparency – Before you even begin considering one web host over the other, make sure that any web hosting service you are considering for your website has no automatic renewal policy, no hidden fees policy and a money back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with said service. Also, make sure that the web host in question is reputable and well-reviewed. You can check online expert and customer reviews before you commit to buy. It is unfortunate that there is no dedicated customer review website in Uganda, at least at the time of writing. The tech website Dignited however has a number of well reviewed technology products in Uganda.

Server Uptime Guarantee – Perhaps the most essential of all, a server uptime guarantee will help ensure that you receive compensation for any downtime your server may experience, in addition to assuaging you that your web host is committed to providing you with solid server uptime for your site.

Ease of Use – Whether you are a novice, or a more experienced user, ease of use and quality of service is a must-have so that your web hosting experience is as seamless and simple as possible. Look for the web hosts with easy to use control panels, included cPanels, easy to navigate websites, and so forth.

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Features, Features, Features – Whether you are planning on publishing a personal site, and especially if you are planning on publishing a business or eCommerce site, you’ll find that the more hosting/supplementary features offered to you, the easier it is to tailor-fit your website to your needs. For example, eCommerce site owners should look for eCommerce-related features such as eShopping carts and secure payment capabilities, as well as a server uptime guarantee. While business websites should put an emphasis on such supplementary features as SEO tools, analytics, traffic tracking and so forth.

Excellent Support –  Whatever you do, and whichever web hosting provider you decide to go with, make sure that the hosting service has excellent customer support which can be reached 24/7 , has great response times and a staff of professionals who can help you with any and all issues you may encounter. The success of your website depends on it!